Thursday, February 16, 2006

The weekly 

Goddamn you Megan for showing me this picture. I want to go to the lake right now.

M. executes a perfect dive from the cliffs at H22, Greers Ferry Lake, Heber Springs, Arkansas. Respect, waterproof disposable camera.

I'm sick sick sick of work and school. My advisor just had a baby, complicating my graduation application process. Work is, well, work, and I find that I continue to employ my fantastic and traditional method of putting things off until the absolute last minute for that compressive boost of a looming deadline. The thesis is, well, um, let's just not talk about that today. My internet isn't cooperating, so I'm going to have to go to campus for all of twenty seconds to pick up some documents. I got official word this morning that I'm certifiably, permanently ineligible to enter the Peace Corps (the opposite of which, some of you may recall, was the keystone reason in my decision to come to Washington).

Those are the bad things, but thhe past week of silence has seen its share of good. It snowed with a vengeance during Saturday's beardparty, so I got to have snowball fights and soccer games at every stage of beard sculpture. V made me some nice chops that I've even decided to keep for a while. I also got into my first roof-to-roof snowball fight that left me sore for three days; I also got to nail a girl in the face with a snowball at sixty feet, a horribly violent act that was an undeniable highlight of the day. I bought a health insurance plan that I can't get kicked out of for an existing condition (fuck you, Peace Corps)! It's costing a bundle, but I'm unquestionably insured against my own body and the damage I'm prone to inflict upon it through the end of August.

Also, formal announcement people. I'll be house- and kitten-sitting next week at a posh home in Eastern Market. I was virtually commanded by the owners to use the house for devious purposes (I'd blush to repeat how they worded it) so they don't feel bad about leaving the cold coast for two weeks variously in Hawaii and on a Caribbean cruise. Ain't they sweet? I say we plan a dinner/orgy to take advantage of the free reign I've been given over their liquor cabinet/soundsystem/fireplace.


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