Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh, hits 

I won’t lie and say that I’ve been too busy to keep this beast updated. Naw, I’m just lazy and have had an impressive streak of bad luck in the past couple of weeks that’s effectively kept my mind elsewhere (no, fuck you financial aid). It’s also really difficult to leach internet off of one’s neighbors when the one’s with wireless move away.

I’ve only been back in the District for about a month and already I need a weekend out of it. Tomorrow morning I’m hitching up to Assateague to sleep on the beach and laugh at wild mini-ponies. I recommend that all of you get out and do something fun in the city for me so I can live vicariously through your retellings. Suggestions: Electric 6 (“fire in the disco; fire in the Taco Bell”) at Black Cat or Brazilian Girls (“what do they know of the things that you go through only in a day… pussy, pussy, pussy, marijuana”) at the 9:30, both Saturday night. Also, you can go make out with an anonymous back row viewer at the DC Underground Film Festival for a mere $6 a pop.

I haven’t lost all my love for DC, though, because Monday night I got drunk on $2 Schlitz with the handful of other people who showed up to see Black Mountain. Not only were they better than I had expected (and my expectations were high), but the two Vancouverian bands they brought along to open were also both incredible. Here’s to coming to see one great act and leaving with two new favorites, Blood Meridian and Ladyhawk. I'm only a little weirded out that they all have MySpace accounts, but, hey, it's cheap, so I understand.

The band(s)

P.S.--A belated thanks-a-million to NM for playing both "Gypsy" and "Blankest Year" at Champagne Socialism. They set my heart aflutter (in addition to the decongestants).


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