Friday, November 18, 2005


Sometimes my friends crack me up so sincerely that I end up red-faced and unable to hold my hysterics in, say, on the hushed third floor of the medical school library. It’s really worth the disruption (and not only because of my festering dislike for medical students at my university). Here’s the most recent culprit, and, yes, I’m still wiping the wet from my hot-from-laughing face:

I have had this ongoing phone sex joke with a "buddy" back in Little Rock. It was never really phone sex but more of if either one of us was in the vicinity of the other one we would send a little text that said "watcha wearing?" The answer either being "what's your ETA" or "umm...I'm asleep...holler at you later." Now that I moved out here and kind of made the brash decision to not have sex...I have kind of pushed the whole phone sex thing.

Let me step back and restate the whole "no sex thing". This has nothing to do with the before mentioned "buddy". This summer Jeff, Angie and I decided to go to Amsterdamn over Christmas Break. I need to save money and thought giving up sex would be a good way to go about that...

You’re almost forgiven for bailing on us, bitch, because you made (or, ah, tried to make) an awesome sacrifice to save some dough. Besides, you wrote “Amsterdamn!” That alone is worth its weight in gold (metaphorically, unfortunately—wait, no, try to go pawn that shit).

A quick thank you to Runaway Planet for a bombastic show last Friday; I got so masterfully pounded that I ended up leaving my debit card at the bar without realizing it until days later after I’d made it back to Washington, DC. Someone else in my party got so unmasterfully pounded, though, that I ended up spending a couple of hours alternating between holding him up while he puked (all over town!) and holding him down when his incomprehensible belligerence led me to believe that he was going to try to drive home. Been there, no harm done.

I’m bogged down by the impending doom of my last round of exams and the presentations that come along for the ride, but I’m making a concession this weekend to celebrate life in a new house, among new people and, hopefully, under new (improved) circumstances. I turned down the job in Arkansas (for the time being) when I realized that so few of my friends are currently living there. As difficult a decision as that was to make, I think it’s only appropriate that I try to sink my teeth into this goddamned city while I’m here.

Raise a glass, cut a rug.

PS--My favorite Asian points out how much better we are at vogueing than Hilary Duff. Kick ass!


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