Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's my voodoo working 

In about an hour, I launch into a presentation that marks the formal end of my coursework obligations to the Great Bank that is the George Washington University. When you feel the earth tremble at 6:01 pm, don't panic--it's just me breaking the sound barrier hauling ass out of the medical center, one step closer to officially being able to call myself Master.

In Flagranti--NonPlusUltra


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beat connection 

This weekend was a fantastic procrastination party that culminated in a heated self-suggested vacation from the lab for the last week of presentations, papers and exams (two to go!). Sorry, lab, but we gotta put some distance between us when I'm gone for two hours and you're already calling me at Taint, at fucking one thirty in the morning, to come back and help.

L & W hosted a doctor party Saturday that featured Sour Apple Pucker, a speculum necklace and an inadvertent sleepover (thanks! love the down comforter!). Annie on Friday was a hoot, with an amazing turnout of the dance-enabled (even if a hefty portion of them early in the night were sporting an X on their cute little hands). There are plenty of pictures that continue my tradition of hacking a wide swath of destruction through any sense of personal respectability that I may need in the future, and at least one picture that suggests I have a mental beat connection (we've synched!) with absentee members of the Bluestate spirit squad. Thank god I'm not ever going to run for office.

I'll be going to Philadelphia for a conference Friday, where I'll be staying with Avilez, one of my first high school chums to come out to me. He's finishing up a PhD at UPenn, though, so his schedule might be more constrictive than mine. Anybody got recommendations for the city of brotherly love?


Sunday, December 04, 2005

America doesn't need your fucking NEGATIVE ENERGY 

I was sent down the hall to grab a Maniatis from the office ofan adjunct I've never met a few minutes ago. I don't care that I don't know who he is, I already love him. This is the poster he's put on display behind his desk:

I have shamelessly decided to bring every phrase on this poster into my daily conversations.

This also led me back to Landover Baptist Church, as I had lapsed in my devotion and not visited in some time. Again, I'm glad to return for the sake of new catchphrases alone. Can the Xbox 360 burn millions of people in Hell because they don't accept it as their Lord and Personal Savior? Can the Xbox 360 watch you masturbate? Can the Xbox 360 forgive you of your sins and offer you eternal life with an all expenses paid trip to Heaven - and even throw in a free Mansion with a driveway made of solid gold?

Unfortunately, some satire is actually not satire at all. "A native Texan, Tom DeLay was born along the banks of the Rio Grande River..." Wow, that sounds unsanitary. "DeLay's years in Venezuela were a formative political experience. His family lived through the turbulence and uncertainty of three revolutions. Two of these events were violent, and neighboring townspeople died at the hands of marauding revolutionaries. DeLay points to this early exposure to political violence as the source of his lifelong 'passion for freedom.'" How do you top a comment like that? The shit practically makes fun of itself. "The demands of attracting customers and running his business and the responsibility of making payroll for his employees every month convinced DeLay that the primary impediment to economic growth stems from the twin burdens of excessive taxation and unneeded regulation." Alright, I need to stop. No more of this fucking negative liberal energy. Thanks for procrastinating with me.


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