Sunday, May 15, 2005


"I think it will be resolved in the scientific community," he said. "I think (intelligent design), in 10 years, will be a very respectable science program."

"Evolution defenders scoff at the notion."

And what a notion it is.

Quote of the fucking century; I just got online to goof off and take a study break, and this single quotation has, seriously, made me laugh my ass off. Thank you, Kansas, for a) taking the retarded spotlight off of the rural South and positioning it squarely on the Midwest, b) making me calm down about tomorrow's final, and c) producing this beautiful, stupid statement that I will recall until the end of days.

I am still amazed that portions of the religious community are still seeking to validate God in impossible ways, willfully sacrificing legitimacy and objectivism to such an end.

See that cat 

He got t.v. eye on me,


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