Wednesday, February 09, 2005

File under: Virginia is for Idiots 

In the continuing parade of Why I Don't Live In Virginia, lawmakers have actually passed a bill allowing a fifty dollar fine for wearing low-riding pants. As much as I dislike this goofy fashion trend, I am now suddenly endorsing it, hell, I'm even planning on showing some bootie the next tie I visit my Arlington-bound friends. This is a good example of laws outmarching their utility, where capriciousness has taken over to try and coerce the public out of personal habits. I can almost guarantee that this will be quickly shot down (what are enforcement agents going to do when you never pay your tickets, take you to jail? That would be absolutely hi-larious! Whatever kid gets thrown in the pokey for showing his draws too often will, in having the swiftest court battle ever, become a youth icon for yon Virginians).

Edit: DCSOB takes a more prosodically journalistic approach to the above situation and its associates ("Virginia's legislators are on a roll. Well, not a roll, but a hate-pastry of moldy crust filled with the rancid jelly of intolerance") instead of my style of flinging poo like and angered monkey. Go read there.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Last night after class, Violette spied me be-headphoned in L'Enfant Plaza waiting for a Green train back home and convinced me to go to the Low/Pedro the Lion show at the Black Cat. It was just what I needed after a heavy Monday: vegan barbeque sandwich, a few beers, and chit-chat to a background of Low's crafting with a bunch of people I'm just getting to know. Pedro the Lion was a worthy opening act; at their worst they sounded like Coldplay with good drums and a bass amp, but at their best they seemed inventive, practiced (but not precise), and the drummer can lay it out.

This morning, fumbling around with Google's new Local utility, I notice also that there is apparently a vegetarian restaurant (Soul Vegetarian's Exodus) about two blocks from my house that is operated by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. How cool is that? I know nothing about them, but the photos intrigue me. It's so amazingly sunny and warm outside today that I think I'm going to mosey out that way (or maybe to Sticky Fingers vegan bakery) instead of prepping any further for today's social and behavioral methods exam.

(And, Michael, I swear that I'm going to do the music meme, I just have to recover from Blogger's having eaten my detailed previous attempt. By the way, have you noticed what website's address is different from yours by one letter?)


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Gaping maw 

I am distressigly consumed of every waking moment's fullness with duty. Maybe I mean more accurately that "duty" implies "duty and thinking about duty and not doing it." I've agreed to go to a Superbowl party (sighhh...) to get myself out of proximity of all these books and assignments. They're just sitting there, mocking me.

I did, however, find the most amazing 'I Saw You' ever. It reads:

"looking for love...

in all the wrong places. I saw you puking in the bathroom, then you saw me puking outside the bar. Crossed paths again when you were beating your bf(?) in the street, and you saw me last getting arrested in DC. Want to try? Maybe we could keep each other out of trouble..."

I hope you find her, Man #900519, as you will be famously happy together.

And so to football.


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