Friday, May 27, 2005

She comes in a Subaru 

This is Megan, and she's using her first "teacher's summer" to move out to Richmond and kick it. I suddenly want to be a teacher. I think I'll be pestering her to come up to DC every weekend.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Low clouds at night 


Monday, May 23, 2005

Beating that ass with the chain gang of love 

Raveonettes will be playing this Saturday at the Black Cat, so who would like to go? Maxed Mary? Alcoholic Ann? Dangerous Dorothy?

Megan is coyly chiseling a custom date out of Runaway Planet, shrewdly timed to maximize mutual benefit. And bitch gots a car for a roadtrip home (um, I call shotgun)! Knock on wood.

Presenters for the summer environmental and occupational health sessions: Tord Kjellström and Theo de Kok. Scandinavian names instantly usurp previous contenders for name of firstborn.

Big girl drinks 

Nicolette is moving back to California at the close of this month. We keep the sadsies away by rocking out as much as possible, including an opportunity to snag some camera time from Rob Crow of Pinback.

I switched phone plans so my dad and I can talk more frequently, and that makes him happy. Hell, that makes me happy. He was working a few hours here and there as a chauffeur of sorts for a senior citizens center before his accident, and they like him so much that they offered to let him hang out there for a few hours each day so my mom can slowly start getting back to work (she has an understandable supervision complex). We came into Little Rock to get dad a new pair of glasses and, after waiting for some time, I suggested to dad that he make a pitiable, weepy face to see if it got us pityassistance; it did, immediately, so now the world trembles before the face!

Kittens! Kittens! My niece's cat recently gave birth to four cute as hell catlettes, but mom cat unfortunately vanished about two weeks later. Sister and niece have taken over mothering duties to grand effect. Every day we would take the kittens outside in the sun so they could wallow in all of their unbalanced glory through milk thickened with rice cereal and soft cat food, tracking little milky prints here and there in the process.

Classes begin again today (sigh...) and I'm moving all of six blocks down to Belmont (aside: we have grand plans of mutating the kitchen into a grand salon, a living room of utility and pleasure) in small bursts of carless effort between now and the end of the month. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Mister back in town again 

I am quite technically halfway through this degree, and I have celebrated just that for the past several days at home with my parents and siblings. Gina and Andy turned 35 and 33 respectively, dad's doing amazingly well, mom's testing the waters of returning to work, and the lawn has been preened by all. My sides hurt a little from actually threshing hay, but it was worth it for some time doing sweatwork in the sun. Honeysuckle is open everywhere and hyperactively sweet after dark, so sleeping in the living room on a futon under large opened windows was a treat. Nocturnal songbirds are apparently at peak seasonal horniness.

I got to sling through Little Rock the night before flying home, visiting Megan and Angie on the riverfront and eventually over to their apartment for a little Chris visit. He's moving from Austin to Austin. Chris and I were each at different restaurants (albeit next door to one another) in North Little Rock on Friday and had Paula Jones sightings. There was talk of miming foul acts in the background of the pictures she and her high school graduation group ('tis the season) were taking.

Detroit airport designed by acid, pretty

Spring means sunsets


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