Monday, July 11, 2005

Mandal season 

A new term has begun, so I can't dawdle as I'd like to (doing so here means I'm not doing so in corpus). Regardless, must be said that the past couple of weeks have been a nice vacation, road trippy, tan, flip flop wearingly good, punctuated by a spaz attack on the dancefloor.

Speaking of which, you know when you want to dance but you've got a cold, full bottle in your hand and, instead of shaking it up or maybe letting it linger on the table until its room temperature, you opt to stand against a column doing the no-fuss or wiggle in your chair as you nurse away for a few minutes before dancing? Yeah? Well, this chick thinks you're a pussy!

Queen Bitch merits a collusion of the ultimate conflict twixt dance and beverage


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