Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Boozman killed in accident at home 

Subtitle: Fuck!

Last October I interviewed for a position involving HIV/AIDS research at ASTHO, but was appalled to learn the day before that Fay Boozman, politically installed religious necon head of the Arkansas State Health Department, had been elected as ASTHO's new president. I immediately decided that I no longer wanted to make my services available to an organization under his leadership, but I still went in for the interview to find out exactly what the employees at ASTHO thought about (or knew about) Boozman; of primary interest, I wanted to know whether anyone knew of his tendency to spew religiosity all over health policy, such as when he notoriously claimed that women could not be impregnated from rape (thus negating any necessity for legal and sanitary abortions of any sort), or that other time that he commented that HIV was a self-limiting disease that would eventually work itself out (as well as eliminating a bunch of sinners).

Well, regardless, of my dismay at his weird politics and unfortunate influence, when I wished him out of the public sector I didn't exactly intend for him to be killed by an infalling section of his metal barn and subsequently discovered by his 6 year old granddaughter. My sympathies go out to his family.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Return to the District 

Spring recess was rad, and I'll refrain from complaining about how fleeting it seemed because, all things considered, the retrospect of the previous eight weeks of classes also seems to have breezed by.

I need health insurance and part-time employment immediately, so if anyone has interesting ideas, do let me know.

Health problems or not, I feel refreshed. Thanks, all.

I'll try to do better.

How to make a Carrie®:
1 part top-notch mid-grade champagne sparkling wine
1 part pineapple-orange juice

Combine ingredients delicately in large styrofoam cups. Particular attention must be given to maximization of volume. Consume immediately following a delicious joint and immediately prior to a nap on the dock (as demonstrated by the lovely A and M above). Rest cup in shoe to safeguard against toppling by wind. Attain slight sunburn, awake, finish beverage, party all night over the grill.

® by C-130s, Inc.


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