Friday, November 04, 2005

Matt Limon (sort of) released from prison 

It's appalling that this isn't major front page news anywhere (ahem, CNN), but my love of gay porn as cultivated by the eponymous BJ has today confirmed that, yes, Matt Limon has been released into house arrest pending the attorney general's ruminations on appealing.

For those who've never heard of him, "Limon has been in prison since 2000, serving a sentence of 17 years and two months for performing a sex act [a freaking blowjob] on a 14-year-old boy. Had one of the two participants been a girl, Limon, then [freshly] 18, would have faced only 15 months behind bars under a special "Romeo and Juliet" law allowing lighter punishment for heterosexual teenage sex."

It's sort of a concise summation of American law right now to assert that the most inane, resource-consuming public battles (ah-Schiavosneeze!) have to do with "special laws." Law school friends, please get to work taking the special out of law while I work on the whole 3% science competency of our legislature. Man, it sucks following up a generation of fucking assholes (ooh, wait, I'll bet there's a special law for that).


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Boob tube, moving to Mt. Pleasant, &c. 

I'm not around a television much these days, but that isn't to say that this is a choice I've enjoyed making. I'm pretty sure I intentionally spent ages 13 through 17 pressed against phosphor tubes, but t.v. really started to lose my interest when the first wave of reality fodder started frothing up. Regardless, sometimes I find myself in the lucky, random position of being at someone's house while something good is on, and I can come away wiping tears from my eyes with gems like this tidbit from SNL's Weekend Update (paraphrased):

"66% of Americans think President Bush is doing a poor job in Iraq. The other 33% think Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church."


Speaking of dinosaurs and churches, I'm going to Arkansas next week for my brother's wedding. I'm also interviewing for a job as an epidemiologist with the Arkansas Department of Health. At this point I don't know how I feel about living in Arkansas again so soon after having left, but I do know how I feel about making money where the cost of living is cheap and a monthly rent of $500 is "asking a bit much" for a two bedroom house. Living in DC has been utter chaos, utter expensive chaos, and it doesn't look like this will likely change. In fact, I'm moving, again (fourth time in one year!), this weekend, to an amazingly inexpensive cooperative in Mt. Pleasant filled with vegetarians and conspicuously missing a clothes dryer. We'll see. We'll see.

Girls, meat, lunchbox: I want this.

I'm not getting paid to keep giving handjobs to ANTI- Records, it's just that the music is that good. Daniel Lanois, "Agave."


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