Friday, February 18, 2005

Cimcumstance will collide 

Tuesday night, Gora and June came over. We went to Wonderland for beer and comely grad talk, but Gora, after a wobbly visit to the jukebox, sat back down with a grin on his face. "You'll love this," he added, and then launched into the most perfect sing-along of Bowie's "Life On Mars" that I've ever seen (away from the, um, mirror).

Much later that night, I read this story about the growing case for life on Mars. Neat-o.

New stickers from Brady:

I finally got ahead 

and it only took two weeks of constant work, all in preparation for a long weekend of getting behind with friends from all over the damn place. Hoo-ah! Much to potentially do this weekend: guerilla bar, Blowoff, Taint, party at Robert and Steve's (I love kicking out the jams with adults who have money), and a Monday holiday that gets me out of having to go to SAS lab.

The only sad point is that Steven had to cancel his (non-refundable) tickets to DC on account of his grandmother's death. Cheers to grandma, she ruled.


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