Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jubilation (I fall on the floor and I laughing) 

And so, to the Delta; it’s going to be 86°F when I step off of the plane tomorrow in Little Rock, and that makes me giddy. I’ve made a few CDs of to belt out in the car, which makes me giddier. Man, I miss singing shouting in the car at high speed more than I could have imagined; I think I left the entire first Pretenders album vocally imprinted on my inaugural car, and, shit, who can’t freak out when “Cecilia” comes on? I’ll tell you who: fucking cold-hearted bastards. Because brother Andy’s wedding is forcing me to miss shows of both Medeski Martin & Wood (boo!) and Black Keys (hiss!), they’ve got pained places on these mixes for the road. Lots of Jolie Holland made it on, too; I’ve been digging her lately, and you need some weepy, warbling drawl music if you’re going south of the Mason Dixon line. Also making an appearance on the soundtrack for this trip (and in concert Friday night at Pizza D’s! Score!) are hometown favorites Runaway Planet, reminding everyone that, yes, it’s a long way to Memphis (if you ain’t from Arkansas).

Take care these next few days, enjoy some shows that I can’t get to, go to Café Scientifique for me (get drunk and chat with scientists, really!) and best of luck picking up tattooed love boys. See yas Monday.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Bros before (broke-ass) hos 

Respect to this guy for playing this song last night at Taint. It might have been the highlight of my day, a Schlitzy celebration of the left-me-poorer fin de déménagement.

Actually, going back and reading that post from last April was a bit of a shock. Hindsight has a way of looming without detail in one's general consciousness, then one day the recall of something specific brings a whole constellation of things that were back into precision focus. I was making so much money then for doing essentially nothing that I was wallowing in disposable income and having a blast in the process. For some nebulous reason, I decided to ditch that all for the broke-ass responsibility of another degree, which is why I'm sore as hell today following move #4. Michael, take note: unprecedented masochism awaits you at the end of all those irritating application essays. Have you loved your money today?


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